Our Technology

a surgical navigation tool for keyhole liver surgery

Novel navigation technology

Navari´s technology strongly improves the navigation and the visualization aspect during keyhole liver surgery when removing cancer tumors. Our technology presents the surgeon with an augmented reality projection of the cancer tumor and its exact position inside the liver. The projection is live-streamed during the whole surgery procedure and is shown as an integrated part of the video feed from the laparoscopic camera, meaning that no AR/VR-glasses needs to be used. The technology works as a plug and play solution and is easily connected to the already existing surgery equipment, such as to the laparoscopic camera equipment, directly in the operating room. This means that no substantial extra equipment needs to be installed in the operating room to utilize our technology. We simply just improve the equipment with our software solution.

Value offered

Improved visualization

With Navari's technology, the visualization aspect is strongly increased during the whole procedure, making the navigation during the surgery procedure a lot easier.

More accurate precision

Thanks to the enhanced visualization, Navari's technology ensures more accurate precision in the tumor removal.

Reduced surgery time

Medical experts estimate that Navari's technology can reduce the surgery time with up to 30 minutes, thanks to the enhanced visualization.

+ 3 200 000

Every year, more than 3,2 million people worldwide are diagnosed with either primary or secondary liver cancer.



Data shows that the incidence of liver cancer has increased with 75% between 1990 and 2015.

3rd most deadly

Liver cancer was ranked as the 3rd most common cause of cancer death during 2020.

This is only our starting point

Offering a navigation solution for keyhole liver cancer tumor removal is only our starting point. Our vision is to become a world leading provider of navigation solutions for minimally invasive surgery procedures, offering several solutions  based on our unique technology.