keyhole surgery

with augmented reality

We make minimally invasive cancer surgery available for everyone

Even though removing cancer tumors with keyhole surgery has remarkable clinical benefits for the patients compared to open surgery, the utilization remains low. One of the major reasons for this is the limited visualization during this type of surgery, making the navigation aspect extremely challenging.

Our mission is to make minimally invasive cancer surgery available for everyone, making this kind of procedure the first hand choice over open surgery. To achieve this goal, we have developed a software solution offering Intraoperative guidance during minimally invasive procedures leading to increased visualization and more precise tumor removal.


Shorter recovery

Keyhole surgery enables shorter recover time and fewer days in hospital stay. The days in hospital stay can be decreased with up to 8 days when comparing to open surgery.

Reduced damage

Performing a surgery through small incisions rather than through a large open wound means less tissue damage, smaller scar tissue and improved cosmetic outcomes.

Less complications

Reduced tissue damage leads to less post-operative complications after the surgery such as lower risk of infection, decreased pain and fewer wound complications.

Our solution

 We develop a software solution providing the surgeons with intraoperative guidance during minimally invasive surgery when removing cancer tumors. The result is enhanced visualization and improved navigation, leading to more accurate precision when removing the tumor as well as a safer procedure for the patient.