Our story

technology stemming from research

Navari was founded in June 2021 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company has its foundation in research stemming Sahlgrenska University Hospital where the two surgeons within our team, Niclas Kvarnström & Mårten Falkenberg, have been investigating novel surgical navigation technologies since 2016. Their research has been further developed into a product concept and business idea in a unique collaboration together with Chalmers University of Technology and Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. As for now, we are developing our prototype with the aim of bringing a surgical navigation technology for keyhole surgery to the market, creating value for both surgeons, patients and hospitals worldwide. 


The team behind Navari is diverse and possesses knowledge within business development, laparoscopic liver surgery, software & product development, advanced mathematics as well as having previous knowledge from building successful companies based on advanced research. 

Madeleine Gustavsson


M.Sc Entrepreneurship & Business Design

Axel Blomé


M.Sc Entrepreneurship & Business Design

Niclas Kvarnström

Medical Expert

Liver Surgeon, PhD

Mårten Falkenberg

Medical Expert

Surgeon & Radiologist,
PhD, Prof.

Klas Modin

Product Development

Ass. Prof. Mathematical Sciences

Torbjörn Lundh

Business & IP Strategy

Prof. Mathematical Sciences

Lisa Månsson

Product Development

M.Sc Applied Physics

Carl Bodin

Product Development

M.Sc Biomedical Engineering


With us on our journey, we have brilliant advisors & mentors. They provide us with insights  and important knowledge from an end-user perspective, as well as from a business perspective, ensuring that we take all aspects in to consideration during our journey towards commercialization. 

Malin Eilard Sternby

Medical Advisor

Liver Surgeon, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Magnus Holm


+25 years experience from woking in startups within the segment of medical devices & digital health

Thomas Lundström


+25 years experience from business development, sales & tender management within the medical device industry