Navari has closed a pre-seed investment of 7.5 million SEK

Deep tech company Navari has raised a total of SEK 7.5 million to continue developing an AR-based technology for keyhole surgery.

Navari was founded in 2021 and is developing a software-based AR tool that will enhance visualization for surgeons during the removal of cancerous tumors via keyhole surgery.

A live-streamed AR projection of the tumor’s exact position in 3D will enable safer operations and greater precision for the surgeon.

The technology is based on research from Sahlgrenska University Hospital, where surgeons identified the problem and began searching for new solutions. Through collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology, the research was developed into a technical solution, which was then commercialized through Chalmers Entrepreneurial School and the school’s fund, Chalmers Ventures.

Potential to Work on Multiple Cancer Types:

Navari’s first product specifically targets the removal of cancerous tumors in the liver, but the technology is not limited, and the company hopes to apply it to surgeries for other cancer types.

Almi Invest is participating in the SEK 7.5 million round with SEK 3 million, followed by investments from Chalmers Ventures, GU Ventures, VASA Angels, and private investors.

The funds will be used for a pre-clinical study and the development of the first version of the product.

“This investment enables a major step forward in our development, where important milestones such as a pre-clinical study can be reached,” says Navari’s CEO Madeleine Gustavsson in a press release.